The Most Immersive Event of 2020

This year everything is different. That is why we are doing everything differently as well. 

Expect XR superstars in live streaming conferences, explore the latest innovation at the virtual exhibition and blow your mind with award winning content at the Church of VR, in VR.  The Immersive Funding Market in Zoom for business, science and art. And the networking will be better than ever. We will publish the printed magazine, New Horizons, XR for Everyone. And on Friday November 6 corona-friendly irl Satellite Events take place across the globe.

VRDays Europe is a 3-day conference and exhibition on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content, creativity and innovation. The 2020 New Horizons Edition will explore how immersive technologies shape the world of tomorrow.

In previous years speakers included the visionary Philip Rosedale,  Albert ‘Skip’ Rizzo, Miriam Reiner from the Israeli Institute of Technology Technion, BBC’s Zillah Watson, Kiira Benzing and Thomas Oberender.

VRDays Europe, now more than ever.

VRDays, what a show! You have set a new standard for XR events.

Urho Konttori, Founder, Varjo.

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