Michel Reilhac

Michel Reilhac is a pioneer in Virtual Reality film making and interactive story telling, with his own Paris based production company : MELANGE.
He is a thought-leader for hybrid forms of storytelling, frequently invited to teach and speak at international events ( Power to the Pixel , Pixel Lab, Cannes International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Sunny Side of the Doc , Dixit, FEMIS, CPH: DOX..).
His latest VR film « Viens ! » premiered at Sundance 2016. He is also Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College, and Head of the Digital College at Scuola Holden , Torino , Italy.
From 2002-2012 ,  Michel was Head of Cinema at Arte France and executive director of Arte France Cinema. In 2012 Michel was named Man of the Year in film by the French trade magazine « Le Film Français ». He is developing an international writers residency project in the island of Lamu, Kenya .
As of January 2017, he is head of Submarine Channel in Amsterdam where he is now based.

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