5G and the Future of XR Technology

November 14, 2019
North, Kromhouthal

This year Forbes columnist Charlie Fink released “Convergence: How The World Will Be Painted With Data” on 5G and AR. With over 40 contributing authors who make up some of the most recognized voices in the XR industry, there’s a clear consensus that 5G will change the interface of the world. 

Companies such as YOUAR, Ubiquity6 and Xperiel are developing systems that allow surface detection, facial recognition, depth detection and computer vision to work simultaneously. With the AR cloud and 5G technology, we will be able to interact with content in real time.  

At VR Days Europe, hear from leaders in the XR industry on current practices, R&D and their vision of the future of XR technology with 5G. What can 5G bring to production of live VR events? How can it help the distribution of XR content? How can it improve the quality of streaming services? What are the challenges in working with XR and 5G? 


15:15 – 18:15

Rob Koenen | Moderator
Kim Leigh-Pontin | Content Production
Oliver Schreer | Volumetric Video: Key Technology for Realistic Dynamic 3D Assets of Humans
Martin Libosk | Unleashing the full potential of XR with 5G & CloudXR
Giorgio Koppehele |Why 5G needs VR and VR needs 5G networks
Chris Varekamp | From cameras to playback for mixed reality
Ray van Brandenburg | State of the Art in Live 360 Distribution
Simon Gunkel | Social VR communication like never seen before!
Panel: Deploying the Next level of Realism

Wide adoption of this paradigm in the coming decade will be more disruptive than the rise of the Internet itself.

Ray DiCarlo & David Daniels, “Convergence”. 

5G and the Future of XR Technology Speakers:


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