Church of VR

November 14-15, 2019
Forum, Kromhouthal

November 13-24, 2019
Eye Filmmuseum

On November 14-15 in the Kromhouthal you will be able to experience the best work from all around the world, both fiction and non-fiction, interactive and linear. Find out what the new developments in interactive storytelling are, how creators from different backgrounds all use VR in their own way or just simply enjoy being taken away to other dimensions by the best creators this industry has to offer.

New this year is our collaboration with the Eye Filmmuseum (EYE). At this other location a beautiful selection of 6 works will be presented from Dutch creators, all within the theme of Virtual Diorama’s. The selection in the EYE will be open November 13-24.

The Church of VR at VR Days Europe: a unique creative content showcase.

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