The Principal Dancer

Church of VR 2020
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The Principal Dancer is a 11-minute long cinematic VR documentary telling the story of Hugo Marchand, the youngest principal dancer at the Paris National Opera. Featuring stunning footage filmed in the most secret parts of the Garnier Opera, this film lifts the veil on the backstage of one of the most iconic operas of the world.

Through his personal story of preparing one of the most challenging shows of his career, “The Principal Dancer” delivers a fascinating experience on what it really means to be a professional dancer at 26.

From the rehearsals to the premiere, this experience allows everyone to dive behind the scenes of the preparation of a show at the world-famous Paris National Opera.

Director Chloé Rochereuil // Producer Victor Agulhon // VR journalist Raphael Guillet

A TARGO production


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