Future of Storytelling

November 14, 2019
North, Kromhouthal

The very nature of XR is a challenge to those accustomed to creating narratives in traditional media. For instance, films and theatrical productions generally use a relatively narrow field of view, while XR is a completely 360 experience. Not only do content creators have to think about how to fill this larger space, they must also consider an audience that could be looking anywhere at any given time. 

Most films, plays and operas are written as scripts on paper, but XR can break away from these traditional writing tools. So how do you create a virtual story? In addition, XR has the ability to use sensory and synesthetic narratives for multisensory design. How can these best be used to enhance more traditional modes of storytelling?  

In Future of Storytelling, attendees will learn from leading visual storytellers as they showcase their works and explain the processes behind their creation.


10:00 – 13:00

Joris Weijdom | Moderator
Joris Weijdom | How performing arts, dramaturgy and expanded scenography informs XR development and affords embodied strategies for its design
Michel Reilhac | Panel Introduction: On the Intersection Of Performing Arts and Immersive Technology
Tupac Martir | Panel Member
Kiira Benzing | Panel Member
Keez Duyvis | Panel Member
Ollie Rankin | Panel Member
Carole Gendron | Where is the Art in Artificial Intelligence?
Ricardo Laganaro| TBA
Pete Billington | Panel Storytelling & AI
Lucas Rizotto | Panel Storytelling & AI

Future of Storytelling Speakers:


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