Vision & Impact Hybrid Conference

November 4
Live Streamed & Live in Amsterdam

This year, everything is different. We are witnessing the most severe health and economic crisis of our time right before our eyes and the effects will be felt for quite some time. As COVID-19 confines us and impacts our lives, we start to understand the value and limitations of immersive technology. We need to find ways to adapt to the challenges we are facing and build new perspectives for the future. .  

How do we stay connected during the times of remote working or physical separation? XR creates highly immersive interactions between businesses and people. From meeting platforms that use avatars to sharing the same sensations with friends across the globe through virtual worlds. 

How are education and training adapting to the newest technologies to remain relevant for students and future professionals? By using XR in education, students can practise skills in real life settings without associated risks, all whilst receiving instant and personalised feedback on their performance. Quality education, with practical applications becomes available to a greater number of people.

The 2020 Vision & Impact Hybrid Conference brings together visionary XR experts from business, science and art who will present practical cases that have impact on today and set to vision for the future of immersive technology. During panel discussions, we will tackle topics of great importance for the VR/AR industry. 

Only 200 people can join the speakers at the Kromhouthal on Wednesday November 4 in Amsterdam. Those not so close to us can join the live stream and be part of the most important XR conference of the year.


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