November 5-6: Meet the Platforms

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At VRDays Europe, we want to bring together the XR community for 3 whole days. We also want VR/AR users, suppliers and other major players, to take part in the virtual adventure we are all about to embark on. 

Our current situation has put the benefits of immersive technologies into the spotlight. VR/AR solutions such as virtual worlds and platforms have shown their interest in virtual conferencing and remote working. At VRDays Europe, we want to encourage innovative initiatives.

That is why on November 5 & 6 we have invited the hottest emerging platforms to host a meet-up in their virtual spaces, just for you. Join their virtual tours, ask live questions to the studio team and be prepared for the new wave of virtual conferencing and remote working!

Meet the Platforms Hosts

Thursday November 5
10.00-12.00 (CET) | Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios (Finished)
12.00-14.00 (CET) | Connec2 (Finished)
14.00-16.00 (CET) | Somnium Space (Finished)
16.00-18.00 (CET) | OZONE UNIVERSE (Finished)
18.00-20.00 (CET) | INVR.SPACE (Finished)

Friday November 6
12.00-14.00 (CET) | Garou (Still available for trial)
14.00-16.00 (CET) | Anything World (Recorded Session)
16.00-18.00 (CET) | Tivoli Cloud VR (New updates, check below)
18.00-20.00 (CET) | VResorts

1. Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios (New updates)

Holographic video can be played back on a broad range of devices, as world locked holograms (AR) or as part of a fully immersive experience on 2D screens or head mounted VR. Streaming holographic content supports both AR and VR for mobile use cases

Download My Hologram App : Scan above

2. Connec2 (Finished)

Programme: Latest update
Our virtual Venue is already fully (over) booked for VRDays (!)
We also already sent emails with instructions to all attendees.

For everyone interested during VRDays, I advise you redirect them to our livestream (stream is available around 12:30 CET):

This link is also available on the URL we communicated earlier and is listed on the VRDays online program:

Date & Time: 12.00-14.00 November 5
Access Link:
HMD Requirements: Oculus Quest & Desktop client
Operating System: Windows 10

3. Somnium Space(Finished)

Programme: Our meetup will consist of a tour of Somnium Spaces nicest builds. From planetariums to crypto art galleries with 500 000 USD worth of digital art.

Instructions: Users just need to go to and download our client. That is it 😊

I will log in at 14:00 and will wait in the city center.

Date & Time: 14.00-16.00 November 5
Access Link:
Technical support:
HMD Requirements:
Oculus Rift & HTC Vive, also PC windows
Operating System:

4. OZONE UNIVERSE (Finished)

Latest Update:

Just head to and login is not needed.

After the loading bar, you are right at the presentation space.


Programme: Get a sneak peek of the official launch of this unique platform on December 15th. Exclusively at VRDays. Check full programme here.

Date & Time: 16.00-18.00 November 5
Access Link:
HMD Requirements: N/A
Operating System: PC & MAC

5. INVR.SPACE (Finished)

Latest Updates:

Here is the Desktop Link to our Platform, as described it has very limited functionality. We will be updating the video that is running on the cinema screen in the next 1 hour.

Best works with:
Win: Microsoft Edge/Chrome
Mac: Firefox/Chrome

VR Option?
Please send your Oculus email to
+316 8760 1805 to get access.

Please pay attention the loading of the page may takes some time.

Date & Time: 18.00-20.00 November 5
Access Link:
HMD Requirements:
Operating System: PC & MAC

6. Garou (New Updates) is a high-fidelity, multi-user XR platform for enterprise. believes that high visual fidelity is paramount for brand adoption of XR platforms, product launches and events.


Our platform is downloaded and accessed through steam. After it is launched, it will prompt the user to create an in-game account and the user will have access to the entire platform. 

Access Garou through Steam:
Steam VR menu > Games > Activate a Product on Steam > Paste the Key they give.

In order to gain access (the Key) please fill out this form: (remains valid till 12am CET)
Once you complete this form, Garou team will send you a custom steam key allowing you to download Garou.
(Note: Garou is approx. 17GB)

HMD Requirements: Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Valve Index, Varjo, Oculus with link cable
Operating System:
Minimum Requirements:- Nvidia 970 graphics card, but higher is recommended

7. Anything World (New Updates)

Anything World is a platform* for creating endless 3D worlds. In realtime, using your voice if you wish, with AI behaviours applied!

*This is not a VR social platform.

Read the Quickstart Guide here.
This is NOT a downloadable app. Works with Unity. Get Beta here.

Want to know all the how-to?

Any questions? Contact:
HMD Requirements: N/A
Operating System: PC & MAC

8. Tivoli Cloud VR (New Updates)

1. Visit our website:
2. Click on “Sign In” to create a Tivoli Cloud VR account.
3. Click on “Download” to get the installer for your OS.
4. Run the installer and click on “run anyway” if your OS’s defense system flags Tivoli.
5. Run our launcher “Tivoli Cloud VR.exe” and click on “Launch Tivoli client”. 
This will take you directly to our landing world “Squirrel Nut Cafe” ( where we await you eagerly :-)

– CPU: Intel i5 equivalent or greater
– RAM: 8GB+
– GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 equivalent or greater
– Internet Connection: 20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload
– VR (optional): any headset compatible with SteamVR or Oculus on PC 

Programme: Welcome to Tivoli Cloud VR! We’re overjoyed to give you a tour of our blossoming part of the metaverse: On arrival in our landing world “Squirrel Nut Cafe” we’ll give you an introduction to Tivoli Cloud VR’s structure and philosophy. Then we’re going to teleport to our business world where you can check out our remote working tools. In our virtual lecture hall you’ll be able to experience how an academic seminar can work in VR, followed by a visit to our walk-in photogrammetry world. In order to showcase how content can be created in Tivoli, we’ll then proceed to our sandbox where you’re welcome to import your own designs, if you can provide us with a hosting URL. We’ll conclude our tour in Tivoli Cloud VR’s club where our house DJ will be waiting for us to celebrate VRDAYS Europe with a wild dance party :-)

Date & Time: 16.00-18.00 November 6
Access Link:
HMD Requirements: Tethered headset (eg. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), also supports PC and MAC desktop mode
Operating System: PC, MAC & Linus

Technical support:

9. VResorts

VResorts is transforming the way travellers make their destination choice using VR technologies. We believe in the power of VR to create a truly immersive experience and make destinations shine under the best light of technology. 


We invite you to experience what the future of bookings will look like with our world’s first Virtual Reality booking platform: 
– Introduction
– VR Storytelling
– VResorts Booking Platform
– VR-Commerce

You can join VResorts live event with your headset or from a laptop (MAC/ PC) – please kindly find details via the following Access Link.

Date & Time: 18.00-20.00 November 6
Access Link:  
HMD Requirements: Oculus Rift/ Rift S/ Quest/ Go, HTC Vive
Operating System: PC & MAC


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